Founded in 1993, TEMENOS Group AG is a provider of integrated modular core banking systems to financial institutions worldwide. TEMENOS software provides banks with a single, real-time view of the client across the enterprise, enabling banks to maximize returns while stream-lining costs. Whether providing 24/7 functionality to retail, uni-versal, whole-sale and private banking sectors, partnering with central banks on core system replacement, or working with the World Bank on solutions for the emerging markets, TEMENOS knows banking. The company has a transparent approach to its operations and brings to bear its experience, expertise, commitment and professionalism on every project.

TEMENOS solutions installed in over 600 locations

TEMENOS has been the platform of choice in over 600 locations across in over one hundred countries around the world.

TEMENOS, HP & Oracle Benchmark T24

In May 2004, HP, Oracle and Temenos collaborated on a bench marking exercise to demonstrate to the banking community the ability of T24 to handle large bank core banking requirements.

IBM Partners with TEMENOS

The TEMENOS core system offering, together with IBM technology, can help your institution use multichannels to improve business processes.

Microsoft Announcement

TEMENOS T24 now works with key Microsoft products and technologies running from the database back-end through to client front-end, providing customers with a greater choice of technologies for running their core banking systems. This will be available for new projects commencing from Q3 2006. (June 2006)

Bank Leumi goes live

Temenos T24 replaces Bank Leumi’s legacy system and enables it to cross-sell through a single customer view and reduces the time to market for new products. (June 2006)

Bank of Shanghai goes live

Bank of Shanghai, a local joint-stock commercial bank, has gone live with TEMENOS T24 to support its corporate banking, trade finance and treasury operations. TEMENOS T24, the company's modular core banking system, supports approximately 270,000 cust-omer accounts and some 140,000 transactions per day across 208 branches. The bank is now implementing TEMENOS T24 to replace its retail banking systems to support a further eight million accounts.  (July 2006)

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Temenos T24 Retail Banking

TEMENOS T24 (formerly known as GLOBUS) has been an international sales leader in Banking Software packages in the last five years. Its development through its application in a great number of facilities has rendered this system capable of covering the most specialized banking needs. Today TEMENOS T24 operates in 500 banks and financial institutions in more than 100 countries.

TEMENOS T24 developers integrated all their experience in the banking field in their system which operates in real time environment and provides support to all types of banks (wholesale, retail, investment) and other financial institutions.

The TEMENOS T24 retail banking functionality includes:

  • Teller applications
  • Savings accounts
  • Mortgage processing with Past Due obligations
  • Funds transfers and standing orders
  • Cheque and card management
  • ATM InterfaceBranch server processing

TEMENOS T24 is an integrated banking package which automates all banking work. By using the term “integrated package” refer to the system’s capability to cover all operational requirements of the bank with regard to Retail, Wholesale, Treasury and Private Banking for front, middle and back offices.

TEMENOS T24 is a modular package. It consists of a Core System which provides all common operations between various banking activities and a series of modules which cover the various different operational requirements of users.

TEMENOS T24 has an Open Architecture

TEMENOS T24 is built on open architecture and is claimed to offer low cost of ownership and uses established standards such as HTTP, XML and J2EE. The design of TEMENOS T24 offers multiple application server support offering horizontal scalability and supporting huge numbers of users with inherent non-stop resilience. TEMENOS T24 was designed to remove the need to run End Of Day processing.

Temenos' Open Standards allows for the most flexibility in converting legacy systems.

TEMENOS T24 runs on:

  • Open hardware
  • Open database
  • Open J2EE application server
  • Open user interface through browser,
  • HTML and XSLT
  • Open connectivity through XML and
  • Web Services
  • Open C language code
  • Open Java development environment

The T24 system is based on established industry standards as promoted by independent bodies and not on the particular interpretation of these standards by other vendors.

Temenos T24 Support

Banksys Consulting Group has put together a suite of services to support the Temenos T24 system. The Group have consultants, project managers, programmers and system integrators to implement T24 or to upgrade from Globus to T24.

Banksys Consulting Group

BankSys Consulting Group's "T-24 S.W.A.T. Team" concept of putting top international specialists on site quickly, has proven to be a lifeline for mission-critical projects.

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